The International HPC Summer School 2018 will be held in Ostrava, Czech Republic. Below you can find detailed information about the possible routes and other useful information on the transport in Ostrava itself.

The venue of the school is VŠB – Technical University of Ostrava, New auditorium, 17. listopadu 15, Ostrava – Poruba, Czech Republic.

The official accommodation is Imperial hotel Ostrava where organizers have booked rooms for all participants.

You can get from the hotel to the venue by public transport with tram No. 8 direction to Vřesinská. The stop in front of the New Auditorium is named Hlavní třída. It takes around 25mins. Going back to the hotel take tram No. 8 direction to Hlavní nádraží and get off at tram stop Elektra.

Option – flights to Ostrava

There are flights available from Prague to Ostrava with Czech Airlines. The flights are operating twice a day at noon and at 10pm. The prices of flight tickets are lower if you use the airlines which are members of the SkyTeam alliance.

Option – flights to another nearby towns Katowice or Krakow

Katowice and Krakow are offering wide range of flights from many European destinations. There is LEO Express shuttle service that connects both the airports Katowice and Krakow with Ostrava. The connection can be found here.

You should get ticket to Ostrava – Svinov. How to get from Ostrava – Svinov to hotel Imperial or the University campus is described below in Getting around Ostrava.

Another option is a private taxi. In case you there is no shuttle bus at the time of your arrival please contact Karina (karina.pesatova at We will arrange shared taxis to optimize the cost.

Option – flights to Prague and train to Ostrava

Prague has one international airport the Václav Havel Airport Prague which offers connection to large number of destinations in Europe.

Trains from Prague to Ostrava (and back)

There are 3 railway companies operating fast trains between Prague and Ostrava. The ride takes about 3 hours and the tickets can be purchased at the railway station before the trip. One way ticket prices are between 350-600 Czech crowns (CZK). 1 EUR ~ 25,5 CZK. But it is safer to book them in advance through an on-line system. The Prague main train station (Praha hlavní nádraží – Praha hl.n.) can be reached by taxi or by Airport Express Bus. The bus ride takes about 45 minutes and the ticket can be purchased from the bus driver. It costs 60 CZK. It is not possible to pay in euro or use payment cards.

Possible railway companies:

České dráhy (ČD, Czech Railways) and their train SC Pendolino or other EC and IC trains.

Regio Jet is private railway company.

Leo Express is private railway company.

The train stop to take off at in Ostrava is Ostrava-Svinov if you are going straight to the venue at the University Campus. The journey from train station Ostrava – Svinov to campus is described in the paragraphs below. If you are going to the hotel Imperial the stop is Ostrava – Hlavní nádraží journey from there to the hotel is also described below.

Please note that the Sunday afternoon and evening trains are usually very crowded sometimes sold out. If you plan to use the train at that time it is recommended to buy the tickets in advance. Always ask for seat ticket. In Pendolino, Leo Express and Regio Jet the seat is compulsory, but in IC and EC trains it is not. It does not cost much, and it is safer as sometimes there is no place to sit.

Option – flights to Vienna and train to Ostrava

There are direct trains from Vienna International Airport to Vienna Main Station: a fast train (IC or Railjet) twice an hour (XX:06 and XX:39), travel times are between 15 and 18 minutes. Tickets cost are single € 12.00 and return € 21.00

Ostrava is served from Vienna Main Stations with several connections per day. The ride to Ostrava by train takes about 3 hours. The train connection can be found here.

It is also possible to use the Leo Express shuttle bus. Timetable is available here.

Ticket prices are between 390 – 450 Czech crowns (CZK). The end stop to go to is Ostrava – Svinov. How to get from Ostrava – Svinov to hotel Imperial or the University campus is described below in Getting around Ostrava.

Getting around Ostrava

From the Airport to the centre

You can use taxi, train or bus. Taxis are usually available at the airport and are the easiest option.

From Ostrava airport to center by bus

Take bus direction from Mošnov, Airport to Ostrava bus station (ÚAN). See the timetable here. You can buy ticket from the bus driver. One-way ticket prices are between 35 – 40 Czech crowns (CZK). From the bus station you walk to a very close tram stop Náměstí Republiky.  To get to the campus take tram No. 8 direction to Vřesinská to tram stop Hlavní třída. It takes approx. 30 min. You need to buy a 60 min tram ticket for 30 CZK.

Hotel Imperial is walking distance from the main bus station, but you can also use tram. It is two stops direction to Hlavní nádraží the stop to get off at is Elektra. Take trams no. 1,2 or 8. You will need 10 minutes ticket for 16 CZK.

From Ostrava airport to the centre by train

There is a train connection with the city. Timetable is available here. From the airport you should go to the station Ostrava – Svinov if you wish to go to the University campus or to Hlavní nádraží if you wish to go to the hotel Imperial. Not all the trains go to Ostrava Hlavní nádraží some end in Svinov. You can use tram from Svinov to get to the hotel. It is described below.

From Ostrava – Svinov to campus by public transport

There is tram stop Svinov mosty very close to the railway station. There you take the tram no. 8, 17 or 7 direction to Vřesinská. Take off at stop Hlavní třída. It takes around 15 min. You need to buy a 30 min tram ticket for 20 CZK. Please see attached map to see where the venue is. It is very close to the tram stop.

From Ostrava – Svinov to hotel Imperial by public transport

There is tram stop Svinov mosty very close to the railway station. There you take the tram no. 8 direction to Hlavní nádraží. Take off at stop Elektra. It takes around 15 min. You need to buy a 30 min tram ticket for 20 CZK.

From Ostrava – Hlavní nádraží to hotel Imperial by public transport

There is a tram stop at the railway station. There you take trams no. 1, 2 or 8. It is the first stop so any that leaves from there is ok. The stop to take off is Elektra. It will take around 10 minutes so 16 CZK ticket is needed.


Buying tickets for public transport in Ostrava

Paper tickets

You can buy a ticket in orange ticket machines on selected tram stations and at the newspaper stands.

Tickets cost 16 CZK (for 10 minutes bus or tram ride), 20 CZK (for 30 minutes bus or tram ride) and 30 CZK (60 minutes bus or tram ride).

Please note that it is not possible to buy ticket from the driver and the vending machines as well as newspaper stands accept only cash and Czech currency.

Electronic  tickets

In all Ostrava public transport, it is possible to pay with contactless credit cards (VISA and Mastercard). Please note that contactless technology is required!

The price of electronic tickets depends on the ride duration.

If you travel for less than 10 minutes with a bus/tram you have to swipe the card reader with your credit card when entering the bus and also when getting off the bus (the bus ride costs 14 CZK).

When you are taking the bus for longer than 10 minutes/when changing the bus you need to swipe the card reader with your credit card only when entering the bus/tram (the ride costs 20 CZK).


Map of campus

Please use the below attached map to navigate from the tram stop Hlavní třída to the venue. The venue is marked NA and is red color.